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Menezes, Arthur

"Dear International Community,

In 2017 I created the International Student Party Oldenburg (instagram Since then, we had six beautiful events together, and it makes me very happy to know that through these events I maybe helped a little bit our international community to integrate and feel at home. My goal is to leave this party as a legacy for the future generations of students, and this is why I joined the ASV last year. I want to have the ASV take over the organization of the party for now on, so that the tradition gets passed along with every generation of representatives.

The year of 2020 was a special year, and it forced us to rethink everything. For obvious reasons we could not host any parties, but it was a very important year nevertheless. In this year we organized internally and started to build an image of what we stand for. We also organized our own workshops, and helped people navigate the difficulties of the COVID pandemic with our Blog and social media.

Now I see just how much HGAS can actually be, and feel even more motivated. The International Party is just a small part of a bigger plan, to make this group be a very strong network of support for all international, and even local students. 

I hope I can count on your vote to keep bringing this vision to reality!"

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