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6 Places to visit during Springtime


Spring time is officialy there and the flowers in Oldenburg are blooming. It is finally colourful after so many grey months with a lot of rain and unexpected snow. Even though we are in a lockdown, it is still allowed to go out for a walk, or maybe you are into jogging and outdoor working out. That's why I made a list of the best places to visit in Oldenburg for these activities and enjoy the nice, warmer days ahead of us.

1. Osternburger Utkiek

My new favorite discovery is the Osternburger Utkiek. Not everyone knows about this gem in Oldenburg. It is located near the Klinikum Hospital and it is 48.000 m2 big. It first opened as a park in 2009. Before that it used to be a dumpster for rubbish. No worries the park doesn’t smell like the old days and it is perfect for a long walk with a friend or your dog. I really like the view from up there and it also has few swings for kids (or even adults don’t feel ashamed) and a fitness parkour. Ideal for a sunny day in Oldenburg.

Source: Wikiedia commons, Author: Karsten Knöfler

2. The Schlossgarten

I guess most of you already know the Schlossgarten of Oldenburg located in the city center. It is around 16 hectares with a great range of flowers, trees, birds and colors. The garden was created in 1814 by Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig. It attracts countless of visitors every year thanks to the amazing landscape. Ideal for picnic, outside yoga, jogging or just walking. Take your camera with you and don’t lose the opportunity to take some amazing nature photos.

Ps: you can even drive a small boat with pedals through the parks lake

3. Eversten Holz

Also, one of the most popular parks in Oldenburg to go for a walk with around 23 hectares and a playground for children. It is located central, and it has a big history. There are sources that it existed since the 1200s. In 1831 it got renovated from Paul Friedrich August, who wanted to give the park as a gift to his wife. That’s why you can find till today English architecture elements. The park is therefore a monument protected by law and a nature reserve. Definitely worth visiting!

4. Der Kennedyteich

Probably famous among students living in the Otto-Suhr-Straße student dorm the Kennedyteich is around 2 hectares long (the lake not the surroundings). It has a playground for children, many places to sit and enjoy the sun and the water and it is ideal for a picnic or a spring/summer barbecue. Because of its location you usually see families or students going for a walk there. The Kennedyteich is among my favorite places in Oldenburg to go for a walk with your friends and I highly recommend it to you.

5. The Botanic garten

It is around 3,5 hectares long, has more than 7.000 arts of plants and it also hosts a range of different animals such as peacocks, turtles, snakes and owls. It is used from the university of Oldenburg since 1882 as a seminar garden for students studying Biology and Environmental studies. I’m not sure if it’s still open for visitors because of corona but it is worth paying a visit. Ideal for students living in Schützenweg student dorm because there is an entry near the dorm to the garden.

6. Bornhoster See

Judging from the name the Bornhoster See is not exactly a garden but it is also ideal for walking and swimming (when the days get warmer). There are 2 lakes the big one and the small one. I recommend you to go the big one with around 48 hectares of lake surface, sand to make you feel like at the beach, public bathrooms and even a small public barbecue. During spring time ideal for walking around the lake and during summer time ideal to gather with your friends there for a swim. It is one of the most popular summer locations so you have to be quick to find a nice place to lay down. Ideal with a car or a bicycle.

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