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Ideen Mitteilen/ Share Your Idea

Got an Idea for an Event or Seminar?
Get in touch to make it happen!

HGAS proudly serves as the advocate for all international students at Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. We extend a warm invitation to every international student, regardless of their race, ethnicity, political/religion beliefs, or culture.


Are you looking to celebrate a cultural festival, organize an event that benefits students, enhance the daily life of international students, or conduct a seminar?

Step 1

Proposal Submission

Please send us a detailed proposal at least two weeks prior to your event including: - Event Name - Venue - A brief description - Proposed budget and expenditure details - Target audience - Contact information

Step 2

Event Organization

Upon receiving our approval, you may proceed with organizing the event. Remember, a poster/banner is essential for promoting the event among students. Please note, all HGAS events must be advertised on our social media platforms and website. For guest registration and due to data privacy concerns, use the HGAS website. Registration is required for all events. Our webmanager will help you to creat the registration form using HGAS website

We invite you to reach out to us. We're here to support you in making your event a success. Follow our straightforward process to share your culture with the Oldenburg community..

Step 3

Post-Event Procedures

After the event, please provide us with all original receipts of your expenditures. We will review these before processing the reimbursement. *Please be aware* - HGAS ASV reserves the right to approve or reject any event proposal. - Events should primarily cater to the international student body of the University of Oldenburg. Any participation from external guests must be clarified in your proposal. - The proposed budget does not guarantee full financial support from HGAS. - We do not support or allow discussion on topics that may lead to conflicts. In such cases, the contact person will bear full responsibility, and HGAS may withdraw its support for the event immediately. - ASV members or designated individuals reserve the right to attend the events at any time.

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