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2G in all Retail Shops (lifted!) and Holliday regulations (11.12.2021)

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Image source: NWZ Online

*** UPDATE 17.12.2021 ***

The Supreme Court of Luneburg has lifted the 2G rule for retail shops in the state of Lower Saxony, including Oldenburg. Shops will no longer need to check your 2G status before entrance. We will follow up with any updates!

*** UPDATE 21.12.2021 ***

Starting today an FFP-2 mask will be required to enter Retail shops in the state of Lower Saxony, including Oldenburg.

Holliday Regulations

*** UPDATED 28.12.2021***

In preparation for the upcoming holidays and Christmas time, the state of Niedersachsen has introduced new rules and plans to fight against a further spread of the coronavirus. We have made a list of the most important points in these plans for you.

  • (UPDATE) From the 28. December to likely the 7. January: Private parties and gatherings are only allowed between vaccinated and recovered people at a maximum of 10 people. Unvaccinated and non-recovered are only allowed to meet two individuals from a different household.

  • Restaurants will operate under the 2G+ rule (Test required for all, only vaccinated or recovered allowed. If restaurants reduce their capacity to 70%, the restaurants are allowed to not require tests, moving back to a 2G rule.

  • Hairdressers will be open with the 3G Rule (unvaccinated also allowed in, assuming they have a negative test). An FFP2 Mask must be worn.

  • Clubs, discos and christmas markets will remain closed. Events with more than 10 people will only be allowed with the 2G+ rule. Public events involving dancing are not allowed. Events with more than 500 visitors are not allowed.

  • Parents can take their children out of school free willingly from the 20. December.

  • There are no travels bans during the Christmas time.

  • Hospitality services (Hotels/Hostels/airbnbs) will follow the 2G+ rule.

  • Fireworks will not be sold in the state of Lower Saxony, except for sparklers and small capacity items. There will be a prohibition on lighting fireworks at the main public places such as the city center.


The situation is in constant development! We will try to keep up with updates.

Stay Safe!

Your HGAS Team

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