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4 Destinations for One-day Excursions with your Semesterticket

Summer is officially there, and the holidays are coming. I’m sure that many of you are thinking about one-day trips around Oldenburg where you can enjoy the nice weather and have fun with your friends. Today I am presenting you a list of beautiful small or even bigger towns around Oldenburg where you can go by train for free using your Semesterticket!

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1. Cuxhaven will be my first town to talk about because it is a port town, and you can enjoy the see! The town has just about 48,000 citizens and while there you can visit the numerous museums of Cuxhaven as well as beautiful churches. The highlight of course would be walking across the sea on the sand, swimming and enjoying an ice cream while sunbathing. Just be careful because the Cuxhaven see is a Wadden Sea which means that the water comes and goes for some hours. So, you need to check when the water is there to enjoy a nice swim! You can even book a holiday apartment there or a hotel room to enjoy the summer and the nice weather for more days! By train it will probably take you 2 hours to reach Cuxhaven and you will have to change trains on your way.

2. The town of Wilhelmshaven has 75,000 citizens and it’s a perfect place for holidays or for an excursion! Just like the latter town, Wilhelmshaven is also located directly to the sea, which brings to the city a lot of tourists annually. If you go there don’t forget to eat fresh fish at one of the many restaurants! They also have a lot of hotels and apartments to book for holidays. On their tourist website you can find different kind of tours they offer such as a bus tour, a walking tour, a tour of the port as well as a tour by boat. For the prices, please search online. They also offer sport activities such as kayak, surfing, stand up paddling and many more. For sure one of the best places to visit during sunny days. From Oldenburg to Wilhelmshaven there is a direct train which brings you there in less than an hour!

Source: Rainer Ganske

3. The city of Groningen might not be around water but it’s a beautiful city with a lot of attractions and also a student city like Oldenburg! Although it in the Netherlands we are allowed to go there for free using our Semesterticket! It has 233,000 citizens, a big university, a lot of museums and of course many opportunities to ride your bike. Going shopping in Groningen is also a must since they have way more stores compared to Oldenburg. I never used the bus in Groningen although it’s a big city. I managed to see everything on foot. Definitely visit their city center and the so-called Grote Markt. The trip to Groningen will take you about 2 hours and you usually take a train and then a bus to get there.

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4. Dangast is a part of Varel and it has only 550 citizens. Though so small it is very popular among people from Oldenburg since it takes only one hour by train and bus to go there. Dangast has a 2km sea where you can go swimming while enjoying the sunny days. They also offer sea baskets to sit inside so you don’t lay on sand. They also have a public swimming pool called DanGastQuellBad: no corona test and reservation needed. It is also ideal for camping fans since you can go there camping with your friends. Only thing you need is your tent, and you are ready to go! For their camping prices please, search online.

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