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Changes to the Corona Regulations in Lower Saxony as of the 22.09.2021

As of the 22.09.2021 some small changes have been made to the Coronavirus regulations in Lower Saxony. Continue reading to find about the most important changes.


3G, 2G and Warning Levels

Event organizers and operators of social establishments can now restrict entrance to people who submit proof of vaccination or recovery, independant of the current warning level in their district (the 2G Rule). Each establishment can decide for themselves if they want to use the 2G or 3G Rule, so before you enter a restaurant or bar, for example, make sure to check for signs outside that will tell you which rule is being followed in that place. If no sign is present, you can ask a member of staff. If an establishment follows the 2G Rule, masks and social distancing are not necessary.

A warning level is reached if the indicator 'hospitalization' and at least one other indicator reaches the value ranges shown in the table below:

The indicator 'hospitalization' is determined by the nationwide rate of hospitalization cases with the coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.

If the indicators 'hospitalization' and 'intensive care beds' are acheived on 5 consecutive working days (not including Sundays and public holidays) the Health Ministry of the state will immediately announce a state-wide warning level in Lower Saxony, which then applies from the the next day. The same ruling applies for cities and districts who may reach these levels on there own. Then a warning level would apply to that district, but not the entire state of Lower Saxony.


Masks must continue to be worn by each person in closed rooms that are accessible to the public. This also applies to people who take part in private events in closed rooms where the number of people is over 25 guests (including people who have been vaccinated, are recovered or have a negative test). The usual requirement to wear masks on public transport and in public buildings, or in restaurants, bars and clubs (unless you are seated) still applies.

In districts where warning level 3 applies, people must wear a FFP2 or KN 95 mask, or an equivalent protection level. This rule will not apply to you if you are travelling on public transport which started in a city where there is no warning level or the warning level is below level 3. For example, if you are travelling from City A to City C, and you must pass through City B which has wearning level 3, you do not need to wear a mask with special protection. However, if you get off in City B, you must then wear such a mask while you are there.

As we all know, the rules surrounding the coronavirus can change and develop quickly. We will keep you updated on all minor and large changes, and if you have any questions or want to know some more information regarding the rules in Oldenburg and Lower Saxony, you can contact us at any time via instagram (@hgasuol) or via email (hgas@uol,de).

Stay safe!


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