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Corona regulations Update 28.03.2021

Today we want to inform you about the new corona regulations: The Federal Council has decided to take new decision in terms of the corona regulations. They agreed on new regulations for Niedersachsen. As of today , those shall be valid.

In this post we want to give you a summary and therefore an overview of these new regulations.

  1. How many people can meet eachother?

Due to the new regulations private meeting shall be allowed between two households in total. There is however a new paragraph which, specifying that there is no actual number of people from one household determined anymore. If you are living in a flat with four flatmates for example, all four of you can meet with maximum two people from one other household. However this new resolution is only valid if the incidence is under 100 per 10. 000 inhabitants for seven days in a row. Couples are counting as one household, even if they don't live together.

The current incidence number of Oldenburg is 81,0.

2. Special regulations during the easter weekend?

There will be special regulations from the 1st until the 5th of april. Those include a strict prohibition of private group meetings in public during this period.

3. What about a curfew in Niedersachsen?

If the incidence rate in a district or an indipendant town increases above 100 for over 3 days in a row the local authority shall be authorised to impose a curfew between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. If the incidence rate in a district or an indipendant town is above 150 for 7 days in an row they immediatly have to impose a curfew. Commuters are always excluded from this scheme.

The graphic gives an overview oh number of new infections over the last 7 days with a division by age group.

4. What is gonna be closed again?

restaurants, theatres, cinemas and bars have to stay closed. Touristic overnight stays are still not possible. However, stores are allowed to offer appointments for shopping, if the incidence rate is under 100 for 7 days in a row. Via "click&meet" you are able to book appointments in your favorite stores online (you can find more information about the click&meet system on the following website: Click & Meet in Oldenburg // SCHON GEHÖRT (

Hairdressing salons and bookstores stay open in Niedersachsen, as well as zoos and botanical gardens.

5. pilot projects/communities?

Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) is currently the only pilot city in Germany that tries to handle the pandemic differently. In Tübingen all stores are open, restaurants, theatres, cinemas as well as coffee shops. They invested in an intense testing system, and if your test is negative, you are allowed to visit the whole city center with all the stores etc. for a day. This project has welcomed with much interest by other cities in Germany. In Niedersachsen there are over 30 communities/cities that are willing to try this system as well. If they get the permission to try it, the project will be limited in time for 3 weeks at first to see how the project is working. There are no further information about the communites and cities in Niedersachsen that will take part on the pilot project yet. As soon as there are new information, we will inform you about the news.

6. Luca app?

Luca-App is a new attempt at a contact-tracing app, after the Corona WarnApp failed to take off last year. The ministers in Niedersachsen have enterd into a contract of using the Luca app. After the easter holidays the app shall be started in the pilot projects in Niedersachsen. Within a month all 43 health authorities in Niedersachens should be connected with the app system.

7. Travel information and the obligation to test for air travel

A Covid-19 test before the return by plane is gonna be compulsary for each tzravel destination abroad. You have to look for a testing possibilty yourself, however, there will be support by the airlines and travel organisations. Usually you have to pay for the tests yourself - if you wanna fly to Mallorca for example the costs amount to 30 to 40 euros per test.

8. Positive Covid-19 test and costs for quarantine?

If your test result is gonna be positive before the return you have to pay for the quarantine in the holiday destination yourself. However, many travel organisations offer special pandemic insurers. If you fly with TUI for example, they offer the "Covid project" which insures your quarantine stay - so they pay for your hotel stay in case of a positive Covid test result. There are also other airlines who offer similiar insurers due to the pandemic.

If you have any questions or need more information, as always, don't hestitate to contact us via Email

In the meantime stay healthy and take care! As soon as there are any news we will update you.

We also hope you all have nice easter holidays!

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