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Corona-Update: Shopping Without Rapid-Tests Possible From Today in Oldenburg

Source: Oldenburg-Tourismus

As of today in the city of Oldenburg, shoppers are no longer required to present a negative corona test upon entry in stores.

Oldenburg's 7- day- incidence rate has remained under 50 per 100.000 inhabitants over a 5-day period. As a result, the city council has announced that a nagative test result for retail stores (Einzelhandel) is no longer needed. Should the incidence rate increase to over 50 per 100,00 and remain so over a period of 3 consecutive days, the madatory testing will be reintroduced. You can check Oldenburg's current incidence rate here.

In many shops a previously booked appointment has already been unneccessary for some time, and this will now also apply to all retail stores from today. Therefore, no negative test and no previous appointment is needed! This however does not change any rules regarding the masks- you still have to wear a medical or FFP2 mask when entering the shops in Oldenburg!

A negative corona test is still neccessary at restaurants and when visiting other activities such as museums.

Happy Shopping!

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