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COVID-19 Update 13.12.2020 - Christmas and NYE

The conference of the ministers has updated the corona-related regulations for the period from the 16.12.2020 to the 10.01.2021. We separated a few bullet points that might be relevant:

1. Stores will need to close from the 16.12.2020 to the 10.01.2021.

The following exceptions will stay open:

food-related stores, weekly markets for food, beverage-stores, "Reformhäuser" (I think you know it if you buy there), pharmacy, medical service, drugstores, optics, gas-stations, car-workshops, bike-workshops, banks, postal offices, washing salons, newspaper-selling, stores for animal-related goods, selling of christmas-trees and stores for businesses (Großhandel).

2. For the time between the 24th and the 26th, the limitation of 5 people from 2 households in private meetings will be loosened to allow for close family members to come together. Within members of the immediate family (partners, sisters and brothers, parents and children in direct line and the respective members of their households) there will be no limit set.

3. On Silvester (NYE), it will be forbidden to form crowds. The sale of fireworks will be prohibited, and so will be the use of fireworks on public spaces.

4. Services related to body-care will be closed, if they are not medically necessary. That means that hairdressers and barbers will have to close, but your physiotherapy will stay open.

5. Schools and kindergartens will be restricted. Whenever possible, children are to be kept at home. For parents, there will be additional possibilities to take vacation.

6. Employers should check if they can somehow switch to home-office from 16.12.2020 to 10.01.2021.

7. From 16.12.2020 to 10.01.2021 it is forbidden to consume alcohol in public places. Violations will be fined.

8. The government appeals to all citizens to forego unnecessary journeys. When entering Germany from a 'hot-spot' country, you are obliged to make an entry at the Digitale Einreiseanmeldung. In that case, you need to stay in quarantine for 10 days. You can shorten this duration with a negative test which is taken not earlier than 5 days after you came back.


Thank you Trung Nguyen and Jonathan Hungerland for the help with the translation!

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