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Discover the biggest cities of Lower Saxony

Do you also want to discover the biggest cities of Lower Saxony with your Semesterticket? Or do you want to travel somewhere nice but still near to Oldenburg? Or you're a fan of bigger cities? Whatever the case might be, I made a list for you with my favorite 5 big cities of Lower Saxony!

Source: Wikipedia: Niederaschsen

  1. Hannover is the capital city of Lower Saxony with ca. 530.000 citizens and it's also a university city. There is a direct train that takes you to Hannover in only 2 hours! Being the capital city means that Hannover has a huge variety of attractions. The old and the new mayors house, the Zoo, the Herrenhäuser Garten, the old city and the city center are just some of the most important. The city center is ideal for drinking coffee and going shopping while in the old city you can find the old mayor house and the Markt church. Hannover has also a lot of galleries and museums. The city organises city tours for individuals and groups for free! And while being in Hannover you can just follow the red thread being drawn on the pavements which takes you 4,2 km throughout 36 attractions. For more information you should check their tourism website!

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2. Osnabrück is a big city in Lower Saxony with 165.000 citizens and ca. 28.000 students from the university as well as from the Hochschule. It would only take you 1,5 hours to reach the city and with the car only one hour! The city can be easily discovered on foot. The most popular place to visit is the Market (Markt). There you will see the town hall, the city scales (Stadtwaage) and the colourful Giebel houses. The old city of Osnabrück is also worth it to be visited! There you will find galleries and during night many bars and pubs. The palace of Osnabrück is also very beautiful with its lighting and its big garden, where you can go walking. Other important attractions in the city of Osnabrück would be the botanic garden of the university and the Zoo. If you're into shopping, then the city center is exactly what you've been looking for since it has a huge variety of shops!

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3. Braunschweig is southeast of Lower Saxony, has ca. 250.000 citizens and is a culture and shopping city. The most popular place is the Burgplatz in the city center with glorious halb-trimbered houses and the palace Arkaden directly near the cafés and the restaurants of the city. Osnabrück has a lot of churches and museums, which contribute to the main attractions. Some examples would be the Duke Anton-Ulrich Museum, the Brunswick Cathedral, the Richmond Palace and the Nature-History Museum. Osnabrück has a university with 20.000 students and numerous courses of study. To reach Braunschweig you need approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes because you must change your train in Hannover.

4. Göttingen is a university city with approximately 120.000 citizens and 30.000 students. One of the most important attractions are the old town hall, the Johannis church, the Pauliner church and the Gänseliesen fountain. The city of Göttingen is offering city tours for individuals and groups every week. From the 24th of July you could also visit the Culture Summer Festival in Göttingen, where you can enjoy a big variety of different events such as theater, literature and music events. More Information about it can be found online. The city center has 4 different main streets for shopping and coffee lovers. To reach Göttingen you would need around 3 hours because you have to change your train in Hannover.

Source: Lars Gerhardts

5. Wolfsburg is a city in east Lower Saxony with 120.000 citizens. Some of the most important attractions are the Autostadt( a special museum), the Volkswagen Car Museum, the science center phaeno, the planetarium and the palace of Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg also has some beautiful lakes for the summer such as the Allersee and the Tankumsee. Wolfsburg doesn't have a university but it does have a Hochschule for Applied Sciences and the Car University made from Volkswagen. It takes 3 hours to go there with the train since you need to change train in Hannover.

Source: Autostadt Wolfsburg,24. Januar 2019 von Thomas Frank in Ausflugsziele, Branchen-News

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