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Donate for Ukraine!

Source: Reuters

As most of you already know Ukraine is being attacked from Russia since almost one week. This conflict has deeply touched our hearts. Many European countries are already protesting, showing their solidarity to Ukraine. But in such moments the people of Ukraine also need our help directly through donations. There are so many donation opportunities, that you might get lost. I made a list of my favorite ones and all of them are mainly for people living in Germany (German Bank account).

1. Caritas is one of the biggest trustworthy organization in Germany helping and engaging all over the world. On their website you can directly donate for Ukraine (PayPal is also an option): . There you can also read for what exactly the money will be invested. They are providing blankets, warm food, a safe place to sleep, products of hygiene, psychologists for people with traumas and much more!

2. If you live in Oldenburg and you want to donate things such as baby food, sleeping bags, medicine, clothes, nuts, water etc you can directly bring the stuff to: Cloppenburger Str. 275 in Oldenburg. Monday-Friday 10-12 and 15-18. Saturday 10-13. The volunteers organizing that have made a website, a Facebook group and an Instagram page. They are called ,,Oldenburg helps Ukraine’’ Here are the links: .

3. If you live near the University, then you can bring your donation to Room M1-164 at the AStA in Mensa Ulhornsweg on Wednesday and Thursday between 11-15. The donations will be brought to the volunteers of ,,Oldenburg helps Ukraine’’.

4. Johanniter is also one of the biggest organizations in Germany helping people in need. They opened a bank account: OLB Bank Oldenburg, IBAN: DE11 2803 0300 8785 0202 00. Write as purpose for the transfer: Ukraine-Hilfe.

5. Last but not least there is a website with a lot of links to donations. You can choose between donating for medical supplies, helping the volunteers or the veterans, supplies for the military and help for children. Here is the link:

These are just a fraction of the donation opportunities that you can find online! The most important is to stay united, help the ukrainian people, protest, donate, volunteer and stay positive!

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