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Emergency Financial Aid Funding from the Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

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Faltblatt Nothilfedarlehen
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Are you currently struggling financially and it is posing a threat to the continuation of your studies or living situation? If so, read on to find out about the possibility of receiving a temporary loan from the Studentenwerk's Emergency Financial Aid Fund.

  • What is the aim of the funding? The Oldenburg Student Union's (Studentenwerk) Emergency Aid Fund helps students to bridge acute financial emergencies if other funding or financial assistance cannot be provided or is not available. A loan from the Studentenwerk's emergency fund is intended to give students the opportunity to continue their studies in times of financial difficulty.

  • Who can apply for the emergency funding? Students from the University of Oldenburg, the University of Emden / Leer and the Jade Hochschule who are currently in financial distress are eligible to apply for the funding. Students who are threatened with de-registration from the University or homelessness due to a lack of funds can also apply for the emergency funding after aking part in a consultation. The loans granted, which have a maximum amount of up to € 1,000, are intended to help overcome acute and temporary emergencies. The funds from the emergency fund are not intended to cover long-term needs. In addition, there is no definite guarantee of a loan, as this depends on the availability of funds at the given time.

  • When does the loan need to be paid back? The repayment formalities are already specified in advance within the application framework for the emergency aid fund. Generally, the loan must be repaid within twelve months at the latest, and in principle the agreed repayment is the responsibility of the person taking the loan. In any case, the Studentenwerk must be given a direct debit authorization (Einzugsermächtigung) to ensure that they will be paid back.

Are you currently in an acute financial emergency? Then do not hesitate to contact the Studentenwerk's consultants. The advice is of course free of charge and is treated as strictly confidential. Below you can find the contact details of Jens Müller-Sigl (Student financial consultation), Heiko Groen (Social Counseling) and Wiebke Hendeß (Counseling for students with disabilities). If you have further questions regarding the Emergency Aid loan, do not hesitate to contact the Studentenwerk for further advice. You can visit the Studentenwerk website by clicking here (in German). The HGAS Team is of course also there for you.

Your HGAS Team

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