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More Freedom and More Activities: New Corona Regulations in Lower Saxony as of 31.05

Source: PresseBox

As the weather gets warmer and the incidence rates across Germany continue to sink, Lower Saxony has decided to take futher steps in the direction of normality. From the 31.05, more activities are allowed and more freedom is being granted to inhabitants of the state. Oldenburg's 7-day- incidence rate is currently 30,2, which allows the city to reopen many locations and services. You can check Oldenburg's current incidence rate here.

There are many differences in the regulations between districts under an incidence rate of 35, under 50, and above 50. If you do not live in the city of Oldenburg, make sure to check out the incidence rate in your district! Here you can find an overview of a few important changes.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs & Discos

Restaurants may offer both indoor and outdoor seating if the 7-day-incidence rate is under 50. With outdoor seating, you no longer need to provide a negative test to sit down and be served. For indoor seating, a negative test is still required, and there are restrictions on capacity (depending on the size of the restaurant). For an incidence rate under 35, no testing will be required for outdoor as well as indor dinning. As well as this, private gatherings of up to 100 people may be celebrated in restaurants (requiring the provision of negative tests).

Bars, discos and clubs can reopen in areas with an incidence rate of under 35 (this applies for Oldenburg!). They can offer 50% capacity, and a negative test is required, but you do not need to wear a mask. Should the incidence rate exceed 35, they must once again close.


Gyms will be able to operate again. In areas with an incidence rate of above 35 but under 50, you need to provide a negative test. Contact sports in also allowed, but with a maximum of 30 people. In areas under 35, the gym must only provide its own hygiene concept, and no negative test is needed.

Cultural Activities

Theaters, cinemas & concerts can operate both indoors and outdoors. In areas with an incdence rate of under 35, you do not need to wear a mask.

Museums, galleries and exhibitions can reopen, and a negative test is not needed.

Saunas, Swimming Pools & Thermal Baths

In districts in which the 7-day incidence is no more than 35, saunas, thermal baths or swimming pools can reopen on the basis of a hygiene concept. Should the incidence rate exceed 35, these locations must close again. For an incidence above 35, Swimming Pools are only allowed to offer Swimming classes, with a limit of 20 people (excluding vaccinated and provably healed individuals).


In retail stores in areas under 50, you no longer need a negative test to enter, but you do need to continue wearing a mask. If the incidence rate increases to over 50, mandatory testing will be reintroduced.

Religious Gatherings

In districts in which the 7-day incidence is more than 35, but not is more than 50, religious gatherings are allowed on the basis of a hygiene concept, but singing by the visitors is not allowed. In districts in which the 7-day incidence is not more than 35, only a hygiene concept is required.


If the 7-day-incidence rate is under 50, schools can return to regular teaching conditions (Scenario A).


In areas with an incidence rate of under 50, 10 people from a maximum of 3 households are allowed to meet. For regions with an incidence above 50, the limit falls to one household plus 2 people from another household.

The state council has asked that people, above all, continue with regular testing to maintain and control Lower Saxony's low incidence rate, as well as still respecting the social distancing and hygene precautions.

The new regulations are extensive, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have any specific questions regarding the current situation, feel free to reach out to us on instagram @hgasuol, or per email to

There is light at the end of the tunnel :) Enjoy the good weather!

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