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New Corona Regulations in Lower Saxony from 11.11.2021 and 3G reintroduced in Oldenburg

From the 11.11.2021 new Corona regulations set by the state government of Lower Saxony will tighten some the current rules in place in the state. The current situation is in Germany is changing rapidly every day, and is affecting different parts of the country with different intensity. We will do our very best to keep you as up to date as possible, but it is recommended to keep an eye on how the situation is devloping in Oldenburg or the area in which you live. You can get information regarding Oldenburg's current incident rate and number of infections here.

Mandatory testing for care and retirement home staff

  • Unvaccinated staff in retirement and care facilities must now test themselves daily.

2G Rule for indoor events with more that 1,000 people

  • Anyone wishing to attend an event with more than 1,000 people in Lower Saxony must be either vaccinated or recovered as soon as warning level 1 applies.

  • Proof of a daily, negative corona test is not sufficient in this case. Previously, the 2G rule was only introduced from warning level 3.

  • Event organizers will be able to voluntarily introduce the 2G model as early as they please, even when a warning level is not in place.

The current Corona regulations are valid up to and including December 8th. Thereafter, all rules, measures and restrictions may be renewed, changed or adapted depending on the development of the pandemic and incidence numbers. Officials are currently expecting further restrictions, but the German government has spoken against a new lockdown or school closures. Attention has once again been placed on continuing to maintain distance, wearing a mask, and keeping up with preventative hygiene measures.

Oldenburg has also decided to reintroduce the 3G rule in all usual areas (bars, restaurants, university, and other public locations). Most locations had voluntarily maintained the 3G Rule anyway , even after it had been recently officially removed. Therefore it is important to remember to always have your proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative test with you!

Stay Safe!

Your HGAS Team


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