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Restrictions On Parties and Group Meetings To Be Relaxed, Amongst Others

As the incidence rate of the state continues to rapidly sink, more and more eases to some corona restrictions are being put in place. This time around we have a series of easings regarding public and private gatherings and events in districts with incidence rate under 10 weekly infections per 100.000 inhabitants. You can check Oldenburg's current incidence rate here. Continue reading for all you need to know!

Source: Kreisezeitung

Contacts and Group Meetings

Since the 19.06, decisions have already been made to relax restrictions rearding meeting in a group. In districts with an incidence rate remaining steadily under 35 over 5 days, groups of up to 10 people from any number of households are allowed to meet. Fully vaccinated or recoverd persons, as well as children under 14, are also allowed to meet in this group without being counted as one of the 10 people.

From Monday, 21.06, a range of further relaxations will be introduced, especially regarding contact with others and various types of parties. In a district with an incidence rate under 10, 25 people may celebrate events indoors and up to 50 may meet outdoors without needing to wear a mask. Such events include weddings, birthday parties, BBQ parties and some school enrollment events. If each person present can provide a negative test, even more people are also allowed to join. The event organisers are, however, required to continue keeping a list of all attendees.

Parties and Events

General rules for events in districts with incidence under 10: social distancing and a mask will have to be respected for number of attendees greater than 25 (indoors) or 50 (outdoors), unless the event requires a negative test upon entry, in which case no masks or distancing will be needed. More than 1,000 people are allowed to attend a meeting, gathering, or event if this has been previously requested by the organiser and approved by the appropriate authorities.

Private celebrations in a catering venue with a closed group of people are permitted, with a maximum number of people allowed depending on if it is indoors (25 people) or outdoors (50 people), unless a negative test is provided by all attendees, in which case the limitations fall.

In the clubs you no longer have to wear a mask, as long as the incidence levels are below 10, but you will have to provide a negative test result to be allowed entry.


When staying at hotels, you now only need to provide one negative test upon your arrival, which will be enough for the remainder of your stay.


In schools, masks no longer need to be worn in outdoor areas such as the break areas, but inside, in stairsways and in the corridors the mask must be worn.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we will keep you posted on any updates as much as we can. The implementation of these new updates may take some days and vary accross different venues. The current rules regarding wearing a mask on public transport and in shops is still in place, so please stay safe, wear your mask when neccessary, and keep your distance! :)

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