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Summer in Oldenburg

Summer is officially here and it’s time for swimming and sunbathing. Oldenburg offers a lot of opportunities for enjoying the good weather. I made a list of my favorite places during summer in Oldenburg and I hope you enjoy it:


1. OLantis Huntebad is Oldenburg’s public pool. It has indoor and outdoor pool as well as sauna, massages, swimming courses, fitness in water and many more activities. On the outside it has two pools and a big area where you can sit, enjoy the sun, and have a snack. You don’t need a negative corona test to enter the pool and there are different kind of tickets depending how long you want to stay there: for 4 hours it would cost you 4 Euros and for the whole day 6 euros. For the sport activities there are separate tickets you need to buy. Please check their website for more information!! You can go there by bike through the Schlossgarten at the city center!

Source: Gesamtansicht © Tobias Frick Fotografie; Rutsche © Rainer Geue Fotografie

2. As I mentioned on my previous article the Bornhoster See is one of the most popular lakes for swimming during summer. It is 48 Hectare big, and it is always full during summer days in Oldenburg. It is big enough for a lot of people, has sand and it attracts younger people and families as well. Since it is located a little bit outside of Oldenburg the best way to get there is by bike. It will probably take you 40 minutes, but it is worth it. By car would be of course the easiest way to go there. Bornhoster see is also preferred because people there could grill. There is a small public grill which you could use or bring your own equipment for grilling. Public bathroom and lifeguards should be on place.

3. Woldsee is the second most popular lake in Oldenburg. It is located near to our town so it should take you less than Bornhoster See to drive there. It took me usually 20 minutes from the university by bike. It also has sand, public bathrooms as well as a small canteen with drinks and ice cream. Though Woldsee is smaller than Bornhoster See, I would say that Woldsee attracts more students and younger people and therefore I would highly recommend it. Just keep in mind that finding a good place to sit could be hard when you arrive too late.

Source: Archiv von NWZ

4. There could be no summer without visiting Bad Zwischenahns lake. It is the biggest lake near Oldenburg, approximately 5,5 km2. The whole small town of Bad Zwischenahn is a touristic place during summer with many hotels, casino, golf and surfing opportunities as well as little boats that show you around the lake. Restaurants and cafes are all over the place to be found and you can drive there either with your Semesterticket for free by train or with your bike. Many students organize bike rides to Bad Zwischenahn but be aware that it is 14 km away from the university. The town of Bad Zwischenahn offers online on their website infos about all of their activities. So don’t forget to check online to discover more!

Source: https://www.bad-zwischenahn

5. Last but not least Nethen Beach Club is a must for the summer! It has water-ski, watersport courses, aqua park, surfing courses, a whole beach for dogs and a big restaurant and café area. It is the biggest beach near Oldenburg and the only one that offers so many activities. You must pay 5 euros for the entrance, and it is open from 10 o’clock on the weekends. The only downside is that you need a car to drive there, since it is 22 km from Oldenburg and there are no buses or trains to drive you there. I hope you or one of your friends has a car so you don’t miss out on this amazing beach!

Source: Ulf Duda

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the article and enjoy your summer in Oldenburg!!

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