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3 Trip-tips for your Deutschland Abo-Upgrade

Have you already heard of the Deutschland Abo-Upgrade? For all students with a Semesterticket it is going to be possible to travel anywhere in Germany with the regional trains or the bus for the next two weeks. This offer starts on the 13.09 and ends on the 26.09. The only thing you need is to register yourselves in order to get your online ticket (click here). You have to fill out the form, click on the verification email and after some minutes you will get your e-ticket via email. This offer should be of course used to visit some of the nicest and biggest cities of Germany and that is why I have 3 recommendations for you:

  1. Dresden, the capital of the federal state of Saxony, would be my first recommendation to you! It is a big city with more than 500,000 inhabitants and a lot of attractions. The Frauenkirche in Dresden is a must and of course the beautiful castles such as the Residenzschloss, Moritzburg Castle and Pillnitz Castle and Park. You shouldn't miss the old town and new town either! If you want to enjoy a beautiful view, then the tower of the Kreuzkirche and the Dreikönigskirche would be ideal. The nightlife in Dresden has always been active (hopefully it stayed that way despite Corona). You can party in the outer new town as well as in the city center and in the industrial area. Please inform yourself beforehand about the Corona measures in Dresden. The only way to get there for free would be from Oldenburg to Hannover, then from Hannover to Goslar, from Goslar to Halle (Saale), from Halle (Saale) to Leipzig and then from Leipzig to Dresden. That would be an 8 hour trip in total. Of course you should spend 2-3 days there and stay overnight so that the trip is worthwhile.

2. Cologne is my favorite city in Germany. It is located in the west directly on the Rhine and has a million inhabitants. The Cologne Cathedral is the most famous attraction there and not unjustified. The church looks beautiful inside and out and if you are sporty enough you could also take the stairs and go high to get a nice view of Cologne. Phantasialand is also located in Cologne, one of the most famous amusement parks in Germany. I recommend you to book a cruise with the ship on the Rhine if the weather is good. Cologne is a really big city and the nightlife is wild there! Find out about the Corona restrictions beforehand. There are a lot of clubs and bars and also a lot of students, as the city is also a university city. For Cologne I would recommend you to stay 2-3 days so that you can see all the attractions. Unfortunately there is no direct train to Cologne and you have to change trains a lot, but it's worth it. The way would be: from Oldenburg to Bremen, from Bremen to Osnabrück, from Osnabrück to Duisburg and finally from Duisburg to Cologne. Total duration: about 6 hours.

Source: © Stadt Köln

3. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is always a good choice, even if you've been there several times. Since the city is so big and with over 3.5 million people, there are always enough sights, bars, clubs and restaurants to discover. The most important attractions would be the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, the Berlin Wall and the Museum Island, which consists of 5 museums. There are many restaurants and cafes with a view and by the water that are highly recommended. There are clubs and bars in every neighborhood, the best way is to find online what suits the most. The way to Berlin would be: from Oldenburg to Hannover, from Hannover to Wolfsburg, from Wolfsburg to Stendal, from Stendal to Rathenow and finally from Rathenow to Berlin. It would then be an approximate 6 hour journey.

Source: © Shutterstock

Before you plan your trip, make sure to check if the connections you are planning to take are a part of the extension program. You can download a full list of connections here. When searching for connections on the Deutsche Bahn app, make sure to click Regional Trains Only (Nur Nahverkehr). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Wishing you a good rest of summer and safe travels :)

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