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These Corona Regulations apply in Oldenburg from today, 16.04.2021

Over the previous week, Oldenburg's incidence rate has risen to 115 per 100,000 inhabitants, making it a high incidence area (Hochindenzkommune). As of today, 16.04.21, new rules are coming into place in Oldenburg- so what does this mean for you, and what changes are happening?


Most school pupils will have to return to distance learning ('Scenario C') as of Monday, 19.04. Exceptions include:

  • Visiting school for written and final examinations in the 9th and 10th classes, so long as school visits of this nature are required

  • Secondary Education ll, as long as final examinations in the given schools and school years are reuired

  • The school years 1-4

  • Schools for children with learning difficultes and special needs with a focus on intellectual development

  • Day-care centres

These exceptions will take place in 'Scenario B', meaning thay will have alternating lessons in presence/ distance learning. According to the state, kids in kindergarten and the years 16 will be offered 'emergency' care (Notbetreuung).

Retail and Trade

  • 'Click & Meet' is no longer allowed, but 'Click & Collect' can still take place, meaning you can still order items online and collect them from stores, but you may no longer enter those stores.

  • Museums will close

The following places will remain open:

  • Libraries

  • Drugstores (DM, Müller, Rossmann,....)

  • Supermarkets

  • Garden Centres

  • Bookstores

  • Body- near services like hairdressers and barbers

  • Take-Away offers from restaurants

Contact, Sports, Masks, Curfew

  • People of the same household are only allowed to meet with a maximum of one other person from outside of the household.

  • Individual sports are allowed with one other person or the the people from your own household.

  • Medical masks are mandatory in cars if the passengers are not all from one household.

  • Masks are not mandatory in public areas and a city curfew is not planned.

How long will these new rules be in place for?

These restrictions will remain in place until Oldenburg reaches a consecutive 7-day incidence rate of under 100. Schools are day-care centres can open after a consecutive 3-day incidence rate of under 100.

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Stay stafe!

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