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Widespread Introduction of 2G+ Rule in Niedersachsen from 01.12.2021

Starting from the 01.12.2021 a widespread introduction and use of the 2G+ Rule will enter everyday life in Niedersachsen. The state council agreed to this measure in hopes of reducing and combating the ever increasing number of corona infections in the state. You can find information regarding the current situation in Oldenburg here. Please read further to learn about how this new rule will be put into place.

So, what is 2G+?

2G+ means Geimpft (vacciated) and Genesen (recovered) plus a test. This means only vaccinated or recovered people will be allowed access to many locations and facilities with a neagtive corona test result in hand. Unvaccinated people will not be allowed entry into establishments which now follow this rule. The 2G-plus rule applies, for example, to the indoors of restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, indoor events with more than 15 people and cinemas. Close-contact services, such as hairdressers or cosmetic studios, are also affected. As of now, only children and adolescents under 18 years of age are exempt from this rule. The following illustrations in English and German help to give an overview of where the rule will be introduced.

Which test do I have to present?

A rapid antigen test (PoC) or regular Bürgertest/Schnelltest is required, which may only be a maximum of 24 hours old. Certified rapid tests are offered in the corona test centres and some pharmacies. You can find a list of test centres in Oldenburg here. Alternatively, a self-test is also possible, but only if it is carried out on site under the supervision of a staff member, for example ,in front of the restaurant with a member of staff making sure you have done it and allowed 15 minutes for the result to fully develop. However it is not guaranteed that all establishments will offer this method. A self-test at home is no longer enough. A PCR test is considered to be more reliable, but in many cases you have to pay for it yourself. People who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons need a medical certificate as well as proof of a test.

FFP-2 Mask

Almost all establishments now require you to wear an FFP-2 mask in order to be able to enter. The surgical masks are no longer enough. Starting from the 01.12.2021, you will also need an FFP-2 mask to be allowed to enter in the Mensa of the University. FFP-2 masks are also required in all areas of the Christmas Market, also when seated.


The Mensa has been so far freed from the 2G+ regulations. It will still operate as usual, with 2G requirements. The FFP-2 Mask must be used until the sitting location is reached. The mensa is serving only students and workers at the university, with guests being able only to use the take-away service. A Luca-App check in is needed, and a previous appointment registration in is needed (which can be done by clicking here).

What do the tests cost?

The rapid tests (Bürgertests/ Schnelltests) are free of charge. Even unvaccinated people do not have to pay for them. In theory, you can get tested every day, but be careful: there are long waiting times in front of many of the test centers. It is advisable to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can make an antigen test (PoC) for the cost of €30,00.

Gyms (in Oldenburg)

Benefit: 2G+, no need to book an appointment in advance, FFP-2 masks.

StudiO (Uni): The current information is focused on the 2G rule, but an update on the StudiO webpage is expected soon.

McFit: 2G+, no need to book an appointment in advance, FFP-2 masks.

If you are a member of another gym, we recommend visiting their webpage to find information regarding the new 2G+ rule.

Christmas Market

If you would like to visit the Christmas Markets, you will be required to show a daily wristband, which will have a different colour every day. Proof of vaccination, a test result and your personal ID will be required to obtain the daily wristbands. If you already have obtained the 2G wristbands made out of fabric , that will serve as proof of vaccination / recovery. The Exhibition Union for the Christmas Markets have indicated that the Christmas Markets may not be economically feasible under the new regulations, and that a closure of all markets in Niedersachsen could be the result of these new measures. If you still didnt visit the markets, we would recommend to do it while it is still possible. Check out our guide of the best things to do in the Christmas Markets!

A list of the most important points and tips:

  • Almost all indoor locations will require proof of 2G+ plus from 01.12.2021.

  • 2G is still accepted in many outdoor areas, but it is important to check beforehand if possible. A major exception to this are the Christmas Markets. At Christmas Markets, 2G-plus applies both inside and outside. The FFP2 mask may only be removed when eating and drinking.

  • FFP-2 Masks will replace surgical masks in many areas, so be sure to pick up some in advance.

  • If possible, make an appointment for your COVID test well in advance.

  • Have your digital proof of vaccination or vaccination booklet with you at all times.

  • Hairdressers are 2G+ with FFP-2 Masks.

  • The Mensa is 2G with FFP-2 Masks.

  • Up to 15 people are allowed to meet indoors without prrof of 2G+, but after this the rule comes into place.

What is still possible without 2G+?

Additionally to the Mensa, which we mentioned before, you can still go to the supermarket or retail stores without a showing a test or proof of vaccination/recovery. This also applies to pharmacies. The Deutsche Bahn transport system as well as the Oldenburg VWG Bus system are currently still working under the 3G Rule.

The current situation is likely to update and change quickly. We will try our very best to keep you up to date as precisely as possible. With these new restrictions, the cold weather and the shorter days it is important to look after your mental health. Try your best to remain active and in contact with other (even if it is virtually) when possible. However, if you are struggling and feel you need to talk to someone, the following links may be helpful for you:

All the best,

The @HGAS Team


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